Chambers is committed to ensuring that everyone working in Chambers (including pupils and mini-pupils) can participate fully in Chambers life. Chambers will make reasonable adjustments where necessary.

Chambers can accommodate wheelchair users both during the application process and whilst working in Chambers.

Chambers effectively has two parts (i) a listed building on 16 and 17 Bedford Row accessed from an entrance at 16 Bedford Row and (ii) a more modern part of the premises which can be accessed from Jockeys Field (a road running parallel to Bedford Row). These parts of the premises are accessible in the following ways:

  • Bedford Row: A wheelchair platform is available to access the entrance at 16 Bedford Row. Unfortunately, the lift in that building is not large enough for anything other than a relatively small wheelchair and there is no toilet on the ground floor.
  • Jockeys Field: There is good access to the Jockeys Field entrance to chambers where there is a large enough lift to accommodate a wheelchair and also an accessible disabled toilet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any more information relating to the accessibility of Chambers, including discussing reasonable adjustments. Our Equality & Diversity Officers, Laura Poots and James Henderson, can be contacted via